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Iraqi NGOs see some irregularities in provincial poll Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer

Iraqi NGOs see some irregularities in provincial poll
withdrawal in December 2011. Allegations of vote fixing are usually not uncommon following elections inside the nation,Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer.
In one instance,Ray Ban Sunglasses UK, Hoger Jato of Shams stated some security force members had helped certain campaigns whereas on duty, with some advising voters at polling centers on who to help. Elsewhere, electoral commission employees reportedly failed to check the identities of voters, allowing them to cast ballots on behalf others.
On Sunday evening, a bomb went off in a trendy kebab shop in Fallujah, 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Baghdad, killing eight and wounding 25, in line with police and hospital officials. But insurgents are nonetheless capable to stage frequent high-profile attacks.
Earlier in the day, Iraqis began counting votes, unloading hundreds of ballot boxes from trucks and tallying the figures inside the heavily guarded counting centers. Staff on the nation independent electoral commission went via the ballots beneath supervision of political celebration representatives.
Votes are very first manually sorted before being entered into a computerized system. Final results are anticipated in a few days.
Despite widespread violence inside the run-up to the election that left at least 14 candidates dead,Cheap Ray Bans, Saturday voting was mainly peaceful. Several mortar shells and modest bombs struck near polling centers,Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet, wounding at least six people today.
The turnout stood at 51 %,Cheap Ray Bans, exactly the same as at the final provincial elections in 2009. When some eligible voters complained they didn't find their names on the voting rolls, the election commission blamed them for not updating their information.
elections are important towards the country stability, Kobler said in a statement.
The voting took spot in 12 of Iraq 18 provinces. Voting was not scheduled in the ethnically-mixed province of Tamim, exactly where ethnic groups haven't reached a power-sharing deal. The final election for nearby officials there was in 2005. Elections were also delayed in two provinces due to unstable security situations, along with the nation autonomous three-province northern region was not incorporated.
Thousands of candidates from 50 electoral blocs are vying for 378 seats on provincial councils. The Iraqi constitution doesn't give wide powers to provincial councils, however they have some say on security matters. Additionally they negotiate regional organization bargains and allocate funds.
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